Sole Focus on Managing CLO Investments

Our open-ended funds have some of the longest track records in the market. Our flagship fund has been running for more than 15 years and has delivered a low double-digit average annualised return since inception. Our guiding principles when it comes to managing these funds are as follows:

  • We focus on best-in-class investments and trade primarily for relative value reasons
  • We do not employ any mark to market leverage, neither at the fund level nor when owning underlying positions
  • We ensure that market values reflect true bid levels, especially for equity positions
  • We service clients with a full and transparent monthly reporting pack

Alegra Capital (Lie) Ltd. is the Asset Manager of the following Open-Ended Funds

*Qualified Investor Fund

Alegra Capital Ltd. is the Advisor of the following Fund

Since 2008, we have successfully launched several closed-ended funds that capture unique opportunities in the market. For investors allocating longer-term capital within the credit space, we offer the following benefits:

  • We raise capital based on the opportunity set: this is not an asset gathering exercise
  • We deploy capital effectively in either the primary or secondary markets
  • We negotiate very favourable terms on control equity positions
  • We have capital at hand in the event of any market volatility, which is often followed by a strong recovery in prices
  • We co-invest for the duration of each fund, which is typically three to five years

Alegra Capital (Lie) Ltd. is the Asset Manager of the following Closed-Ended Funds