An Asset Manager Specialising in Investments Linked to Secured Corporate Credit

Annualised Performance (since Inception) 30.06.2024
Alegra ABS I (Euro) Fund 9.44 %
Alegra ABS Two (Euro) Fund 13.09 %
Alegra High Grade ABS Fund 3.46 %

Alegra Capital has operated since 2003 and has one of the longest track records in the field of managing structured exposure to leveraged loan portfolios.


Our funds are suitable for all investors in search of an enhanced return within their allocation to credit. We have both open-ended funds that cater for different risk profiles and closed-ended funds that capture unique opportunities in the market.

The Partners of Alegra Capital are

Daniel Riediker (CEO), Philippe Jodin, Tarun Buxani

Members of the Board of Alegra Capital are

Georg Wohlwend, Peter Mathis, Wolfgang Z├╝rcher, Steen Jakobsen