Drawing from our long-standing experience in Asset Securitisation, we develop, implement, advise and manage funds which invest in Structured Credit Securitizations. Thereby, we are guided by the following principles:

  • We pursue investment strategies exclusively based on diversified credit portfolios (no single asset risk)
  • Consistent implementation of a strategy once a specific risk/reward profile has been selected
  • Our independence warrants that each investment is selected solely on the basis of its economic value
  • We partner with fund administrators who can offer consistent and high quality services
  • We assure that asset valuation is always provided by independent third parties on an arm’s-length basis
  • We provide regular up-dates on our funds and the market

 Alegra Capital (Lie) Ltd. is the Asset Manager of the following Funds

 Alegra Capital Ltd. is the Advisor of the following Fund

* Qualified Investor Fund