Partner Alfred Haslinger

Alfred Haslinger

Alfred Haslinger co-founded Alegra Capital 2003 as Partner.

He is a former VP of Centre Insurance International, London Branch. During his 7 years with the Centre Group, he was responsible for structuring and executing a number of big ticket transactions in Centre's Structured Asset Finance area. He was also responsible for a number of work-outs and a member of Centre's European CDO Group.

Before joining Centre he was a senior executive at Credit Suisse responsible for a select group of Swiss multi-national clients. Prior to that, he acted as section head and senior analyst for a number of listed European insurers and banks at Credit Suisse Financial Products, London.

He is a certified master of banking.

The combined expertise of our firm consists of:

Structured Credit Finance: 80+ years
Quantitative Analysis: 25+ years
Asset Management: 50+ years
Work experience: in Zurich, Vaduz, London, Paris, Frankfurt & New York